Special Needs Care

Need Support? Our Special Needs Caregivers Are Here to Help

People with special needs bring joy to so many people. At Caring Hearts Companions, we believe in helping all people meet their full potential. Our special needs care program does just that.

Special Needs Services Tailored for You

Our special needs services are customized to your particular situation. Whether you’re looking for respite care on an occasional basis or something more structured, we’ll be there.

Supervised Direction of Daily Activities

Living with special needs means just that – living. We’ll help your loved one feel important as we help them accomplish daily tasks. We’ll supervise what they can do on their own and encourage them with activities that may require assistance.

Communication & Socialization

Our caregivers offer communication and socialization support for your loved one as they learn and develop their interpersonal skills.

Healthy Meal Preparation

People with special needs sometimes have accompanying medical conditions or dietary concerns that require a little more attention. We’ll prepare healthy meals according to your specifications.

Safety Monitoring

Our special needs care team always puts safety and security first. We’ll make sure your family member is always out of harm’s way, either inside or outside the home.


Everyone needs a friend, especially people with special needs. Our caregivers interact with our clients, giving them someone to spend time with in a supportive setting.

Exercise & Recreation

IMake sure your loved one gets the physical activity they need. Your Caring Hearts Companions team member will find ways to incorporate exercise and recreation into their daily routine, taking any limitations into consideration.

Medication Reminders & Assistance

If daily medications are a part of your loved one’s routine, let our caregivers help. We help special needs clients organize and store their medicine and remember to take it as prescribed.


Getting to social activities, work, and doctors’ appointments all require one thing—transportation. If your loved one needs a ride, our caregivers will get them safely to the destination.

Life Skills

Cooking, cleaning, and grooming are all tasks that we often take for granted. But for people with special needs, these things may not be so easy. Helping our clients learn these everyday tasks is a big part of our special needs care plan.

Mobility Assistance

If your loved one has mobility issues, our caregivers can help. We train our special needs team in the best ways to assist your family member so they can participate in all the things that matter most.

Support & Education for Family Members

When you have a family member with special needs, you need support, too. The stresses, challenges, and expectations can sometimes be overwhelming. We’re here – to listen, encourage, and provide any information that could help. Don’t bear the burden alone. Reach out to Caring Hearts Companions for the support and education you’re looking for.

If you can’t always be with your loved ones who have special needs, make sure they have the best possible care. That’s where we come in. Caring Hearts Companions allows you to deal with life’s responsibilities without worry. You’ll have comfort knowing your loved ones have someone looking out for them who cares just as much as you do.

Call Now to Learn More

The best way to see how Caring Hearts Companions can help your family is to give us a call. Tell us about your loved one with special needs and we’ll recommend one or more of our services that might make life easier.

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